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Solar Power – Greener & Growing Stronger

The Solar Energy Industries Association has shown that new customers installed Solar PV 140 percent more in the third quarter of 2011 than at the same time during 2010. And this was after a 39 percent increase over the second quarter of 2011. The solar industry is currently in a state of rapid growth. In fact, in 2012 solar is the fastest growing type of energy in the world.

solar growing greenerThis is a promising future due to the unlimited supply of solar power, the safety of the energy conversion, and the affordability of each system. This power source is also versatile, as solar can be used to either create electricity or as a way to heat water. While a comparatively small amount of people currently use solar power in their homes, a recent study found that 9 out of 10 people are in favor of using and further developing solar power (Kelton Research). Furthermore, about 15 percent of those surveyed also said that they would like to have solar power installed in their home. With the number of new solar customers almost doubling over the past two years consecutively, this trend of rapid solar growth is quickly taking off.

While there has been much talk of “Going Green” and becoming more environmentally conscious, this year is when the solar energy trend is likely be reaching a tipping point. This is the perfect time to switch to a better source of power, when the price of the clean solar energy has decreased and the price of the “dirty” oil, gas and coal has increased to make it more economical to choose the cleaner energy. Now you can cut the ties with the large power companies and make your own energy, while saving money in the process.

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Even just one or two solar panels can help reduce your carbon foot print and save you money with solar energy.

With solar power there are many ways to integrate a solar system into your home. A complete switch to solar energy is not the only way to benefit from this clean source of energy. You can also integrate a supplemental solar power generator that will help you reduce some of your energy costs, and you can slowly switch over to solar power completely. Another option is to become completely independent of the big utility companies. In many instances, you can even create more energy than you typically use and sell that extra energy back to the power company to earn back some of the high energy costs you previously paid. This time the power company will be sending you money instead of the other way around!

Did you know that a home Solar PV system generating 10kw of power typically lasts 35 years and over its lifetime will offset carbon emissions equivalent to 1500 trees? This doesn’t even include the almost 1000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 4200 pounds of sulfur dioxide and over 1300 pounds of nitrogen oxides that were not produced because this system was in place. Throughout the 35 year lifespan of the system, more than 540,000 kWh of electricity can be produced. It has never before been this easy and inexpensive to go green.

With solar energy you don’t have to worry about any waste or carbon monoxide. No part of solar energy pollutes the environment. The energy comes from the sun and has no byproducts or otherwise harmful properties. Not only this, but the sun’s energy is endless. There is enough solar power produced by the sun in one hour to run the whole world for an entire year. The only missing piece of the puzzle is enabling this solar growth by installing the solar panels to harness this power.

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